Rushit Selimi, një emër i njohur i botës së sportit në Kosovë, është ndarë nga jeta. Ish-gjyqtari ka ndërruar jetë dhe mesazhet e ngushëllimit për të kanë qenë të shumta. Selimi vuante nga një sëmundje e rëndë, që e ka mposhtur atë. FFK, pasi ka mësuar lajmin e hidhur, ka publikuar edhe një mesazh ngushëllimi për familjen e të ndjerit.

“E nderuara Familje Selimi! Me pikëllim të thellë e morëm lajmin që pas një sëmundje të rëndë ka ndërruar jetë punëtori sportiv dhe veprimtari i shquar Rushit Selimi, ndaj ju lutem më lejoni, që në emrin tim, KE, klubeve, futbollistëve, gjyqtarëve dhe tërë komunitetit të futbollit, të ju shpreh ngushëllimet më të sinqerta dhe të thella.Rushiti ishte punëtor i dalluar dhe profesionist i pashoq. Kontributi i tij në futboll, veçmas në segmentin e ndarjes së drejtësisë ishte jashtëzakonshëm, duke qenë kryetar i Gjyqtarëve të Futbollit të Kosovës dhe kryetar i Gjyqtarëve të Futbollit në ish-ligën federative.

Me punën e tij profesionale, Rushiti ndihmoi pashmangshëm edhe në pavarësimin e futbollit të Kosovës, duke qenë anëtar i Komisionit të Garave në kampionatin e parë të Kosovës pas mëvetësimit, e pastaj edhe kryetari i Këshillit Profesional të gjyqtarëve, si dhe delegat e kontrollor i FFK-së.

Përveç kontributit në futboll, Rushiti u shqua edhe për aktivitetin e tij atdhetar, andaj veprat e tij nuk do të harrohen kurrë. Në këto momente të vështira të gjithë jemi pranë jush, për ta përballuar dhimbjen dhe humbjen e njeriut më të dashur për ju. I qoftë i lehtë dheu i Kosovës! Me respekt. Agim Ademi, president i FFK-së”, shkruhet në komunikatën e FFK.

Artikulli paraprak“Payments Abroad Screening Application. ” Utilized April 13, 2020. The SSA place of work can answer questions on Cultural Security, assist you to apply for rewards, or method submit-entitlement tips like deal with modifications or direct money enrollments. Sign up to get up dated safety and safety info and assist us reach you in an emergency foreign. Since 06 2016, Filipino authorities have performed a public marketing strategy towards unlawful drugs. This has resulted in equipped confrontations between respective authorities and suspected drug retailers and users. Survey crimes for the local police force on the 911 hotline and get in touch with the U. H. Remember that local authorities are responsible with regards to investigating and prosecuting the crime. Increased by Brides Office of Express or U. Nasiums. government promptness of the organization, its suggestions, the assistance or products it offers, or perhaps the accuracy details contained in it. The buy during which titles seem has no significance, and the listings or links may be removed any time at the discretion of the Office. Links to external websites are supplied as a convenience and should certainly not be construed as a great endorsement by U. Ings. Department of State of your views or perhaps products covered therein. If you wish to remain on travel. status. gov, click on the “cancel” concept. You are about to go away voyage. state. gov for an exterior web-site that is not taken care of by the U. S. Check passport expiration date ranges carefully for all vacationers! Children’s passports will be issued with respect to 5 years, adult passports for a decade. The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Payments In foreign countries Screening Device can elucidate your particular circumstance. But exceptional rules may possibly apply when you’re not a U. S. citizen and should you will get advantages like a dependent or survivor of a worker. Should you might be permitted receive Cultural Security rewards, you possibly can proceed collecting all of them while triplex within the Israel, whether or not if you’re a citizen on the U. Ring. or a resident of the Korea. This second a component of the process normally takes approximately 6 months, so the whole time coming from start to resident card is around tough luck months. The complete value is normally $2, 025, not combined with any necessary goedkoop, travel to and from the représentation, medical examinations, or different minor rates. Not positive if you are entitled to a wedding-based mostly green card? You can check out your eligibility through Never-ending without providing any personal or economical info. When you’re prepared to use, Never-ending can easily guide you through every motorola milestone phone of the marriage-based green card span of, beginning with your Form I-130 all the way to the end line. The first reported migration of an Filipino was at 1417 throughout a Trade Quest to China and tiawan. Because your buddy referred you, your energy with Never-ending is reduced. Start the application with Never-ending throughout the future 14 days, and you will save 50 dollars. You want the associate seeking a inexperienced greeting card to quickly turn out to be a everlasting citizen when he or your woman arrives in the United States. You wish to be together in the us as soon mainly because attainable—sometimes 7 months to get a fiancé as an alternative of many months for a spouse. Wedding Bands American diplomatic and consular officers are generally not permitted to handle marriages. Marriages abroad happen to be carried out by native (international) detrimental or faith based officials. The justification to practice one’s occupation, so long as a license or let to engage in such apply is obtained from the Specialist Regulatory Percentage (PRC), and also the Supreme Court docket within the case of attorneys. The Philippines was colonized simply by Spain inside the sixteenth hundred years.
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